Drawer Pulls

Product Image Weight- Item Name Price
244 Shell Handle 0

244 Shell Handle

No.244  Shell designed face fixing bin pull handle. Solid brass, in antique or polished brass finish. Size 100mm x 50mm.

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269 Victorian Drawer Pull Handle 0

269 Victorian Drawer Pull Handle

No.269  Brass Victorian style pressed bin pull handle. . Antique & Polished Brass, Antique Copper and Chrome finish. size 95mm x 38mm.

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279 Drawer Pull 0

279 Drawer Pull

Brass pressed pull handle. Sunburst pattern. Polished Brass finish. Size 95mm x 38mm.

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2942 SHELL Drawer Pull 0

2942 SHELL Drawer Pull

No.2942  Solid brass cast SHELL designed pull handle. Antique & Polished Brass finish.  Size100mm x 50mm.

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3000 Victorian Drawer Pull 0

3000 Victorian Drawer Pull

No.3000  Solid cast brass drawer pull handle. Victorian style. Antique Brass finish, 2 sizes.

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3050 Pirate Brass Drawer Pull 0

3050 Pirate Brass Drawer Pull

No.3050  Pirate cast decorative drawer pull. Antique Brass finish for large fingers. Size 105mm x 40mm.

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524 Antique Brass Drawer Handle 0

524 Antique Brass Drawer Handle

No.524  Antique Brass cast decorative drawer pull handle. Size 90mm x 35mm.


A10 Edwardian Cabinet Handle 0

A10 Edwardian Cabinet Handle

No.A10  Antique Brass decorative Edwardian style plate handle. Face fixing.   2 sizes.

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F2405 Door Cupboard Handle 0

F2405 Door Cupboard Handle

No.F2405  Decorative solid brass door handle. Antique Brass finish. Left and Right hand available. Size 165mm x 45mm

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F2406 Louis Handle 0

F2406 Louis Handle

No.F2406  Solid brass decorative Louis door pull. Available as left and right hand to suit double doors. Antique Brass finish, Size 100mm width..


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