Light Fittings

Product Image Weight Item Name Price+
P10 Picture Frame Corner 0

P10 Picture Frame Corner

No.P10  Solid brass tubular picture frame corner. Antique Brass finish.


35 Round Mount Block 0

35 Round Mount Block

No.35  Single round mounting block. Cedar or Pine finish.

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38 Square Single Block 0

38 Square Single Block

No.38  Square single mounting block. Cedar or Pine finish.

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37 Double Mount Block 0

37 Double Mount Block

No.37  Rectangular double mounting block. Cedar or Pine finish.

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525 Light Gallery 0

525 Light Gallery

No.525  Old fashioned ceiling light gallery. Polished Brass finish. 3 sizes.

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39 Triple Board - Cedar 0

39 Triple Board - Cedar

No.39  Rectangular triple mounting block. Cedar finish.


102 Bell "PRESS" & Assembly 0

102 Bell "PRESS" & Assembly

no.102 A classic olde style brass bell push on a cedar mounting block.


55 Toggle Switch - Brass 0

55 Toggle Switch - Brass

No.55  Polished Brass toggle light switch comes in plain or fluted design.  


56 Electrical Power Socket 0

56 Electrical Power Socket

No.56  Old style brass wrapped electrical power socket. Brown or White finish.

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PS Watson Piano Sconce 0

PS Watson Piano Sconce

No.PS  Solid brass ornamental piano sconce. Antique Brass finish. Backplate 110mm x 68mm Length of arm 215mm.


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