Window Fittings

Product Image Weight Item Name Price+
732 Watsonbrass Sash Holder 0

732 Watsonbrass Sash Holder

No.732  Solid brass sash drop.


274 Brass Rod End 0

274 Brass Rod End

No.274  Pressed brass curtain rod ends. 2 sizes 3/4" with polished brass finish and 5/8". with sanded finish.


F55 Cabin Hook 0

F55 Cabin Hook

No.F55  Solid brass cabin bolt hook and eye. Antique and Polished Brass finish. 2 sizes.

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TRE Towel Rail End 0

TRE Towel Rail End

No.TRE  Solid Brass Towel Rail End Only. Antique Brass finish.


222 Brass Sash Window Lift 0

222 Brass Sash Window Lift

No.222  Solid brass Sash window Lift. Polished brass finish.


725 Brass Sliding Casement Stay 0

725 Brass Sliding Casement Stay

No.725  Solid brass sliding casement stay. Antique Brass finish, Size 150mm


TRO Towel Rod Rail AB 0

TRO Towel Rod Rail AB

No.TRO  Hollow Brass Rail Rod Antique brass to suit TRE Towel Rail Ends. 

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731 Brass Sash Fastner 0

731 Brass Sash Fastner

No.731  Solid brass window sash fastener. Polished Brass finish.


396 Casement Fastner 0

396 Casement Fastner

No.396  Solid brass casement stay with drop handle. Polished brass finish. 95mm drop.


307 Casement Stay 0

307 Casement Stay

No.307  Solid brass casement stay. Polished brass finish. Size 300mm.


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