Hinges & Catches

Product Image Weight- Item Name Price
15 Antique Brass Lift Off Hinge 0

15 Antique Brass Lift Off Hinge

No.15  Lift Off Hinge with Minaret Tips, in small size different tips to large in an Antique Brass finish. 2 sizes.

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1873 Cupboard Catch- Asian or English 0

1873 Cupboard Catch- Asian or English

No.1873  Asian AB cast brass cupboard catch in Antique Brass finish. Size 54mm x 55mm by 34mm height. CUPBOARD CATCH ENGLISH  English Florentine...

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204F Tipped Finials Hinge 0

204F Tipped Finials Hinge

No.204F  Extruded brass hinge with minaret tipped finials. Available in Antique and Polished Brass. 3 sizes. Measurement is length.

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210 English Brass Hinge 0

210 English Brass Hinge

No.210  English quality brass sanded hinge. 2 sizes. Require lubricating when installed.

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210F Cast Hinge 0

210F Cast Hinge

No.210F  Solid brass hinge in Antique and Polished Brass finish. Size height 2" wide open 2.5".

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213 Fancy Antique Brass Box Hinge 0

213 Fancy Antique Brass Box Hinge

No.213  Solid brass box hinge. Antique brass finish. Size 60mm x 62mm


214 Uneven sided AB Hinge 0

214 Uneven sided AB Hinge

No.214  Pressed brass hinge with uneven sides. Antique brass finish. Size 75mm x 62mm


215 English Strap Hinge 0

215 English Strap Hinge

No.215  Solid brass hinge in Brass finish. Size 3"

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216H Pressed Quadrant Hinge 0

216H Pressed Quadrant Hinge

No.216H  Solid pressed brass quadrant hinge. Opens to 90 degrees. Length closed 29mm Width 42mm.


219 Turn Catch 0

219 Turn Catch

No.219  Solid brass kitchen cupboard, casement catch. Antique Brass finish. Size 2"

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