Jewellery Box Fittings

Product Image Weight Item Name Price+
204P Box Pressed Hinge 0

204P Box Pressed Hinge

No.204P  Small pressed brass box hinges. 4 sizes available in Polished Brass finish.

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476 Brass Box Corner 0

476 Brass Box Corner

No.476  Box corner. Antique Brass finish. 2 sizes

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281A Trinket Box Catch 0

281A Trinket Box Catch

No.281A  Delicate pressed brass jewellery box hinge. polished brass finish. Size 25mm x 14mm.


485 Steel Box Corner - Small 0

485 Steel Box Corner - Small

No.485  Steel box corner in black iron finish. Size 30mm x 30mm.


F207 Cast Box Corner 0

F207 Cast Box Corner

No.F207  Solid brass cast box corner. Antique Brass finish. Size 50mm x 18mm.


478 Lions Foot Box Corner 0

478 Lions Foot Box Corner

No.478  Solid brass " lions foot " box corner. Antique brass finish. Size 25mm x 25mm.


204c Polished Brass Hinge 0

204c Polished Brass Hinge

No.204C  Solid cast brass butt hinge in Polished Brass finish. 4 sizes measurement is length.

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204 Butt Hinge 0

204 Butt Hinge

No.204  Extruded brass butt hinge in Antique and Polished Brass finish. 3 sizes. Measurement is hinge length.

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281B Box Cutlery Catch 0

281B Box Cutlery Catch

No.281B  Pressed brass cutlery box catch. Polished brass finish. Size 30mm x 18mm.


482s Box Corner 0

482s Box Corner

No.482s  Box corner. Polished brass finish. Size 31mm x 14mm.


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