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2400 Claw Castor Shoe 0

2400 Claw Castor Shoe

No.2400  Brass lion claw cap only. Three sided with open base. Antique Brass finish. Three sizes, extra small, small and tall.

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2090 Round Castor Ring 0

2090 Round Castor Ring

No.2090  Solid brass turned and detailed castor rim for decoration at base of legs when used with screw plate castors. Polished Brass finish. 5...

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92 Square Castor Cup 0

92 Square Castor Cup

No.92  Cast brass square socket only. Antique Brass finish. 2 sizes. Internal diameter of top of cup is measurement.

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T10 Glass Cup Castor 0

T10 Glass Cup Castor

No.T10  Solid glass cup castor. Clear. 2 sizes.

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1001 Wooden Wheel Castor 0

1001 Wooden Wheel Castor

no.1001 A neat looking solid wooden wheel castor with brass yoke and steel grip fitting. Comes in two sizes

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B13 Brass Bed Castor 0

B13 Brass Bed Castor

No.B13  Solid brass bed castor. Antique or Polished Brass finish. Wheel size 30mm, height 38mm.

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T9 Wooden Castor Base Cedar or Pine 0

T9 Wooden Castor Base Cedar or Pine

No.T9  Wooden Turned Castor Base. Pine or Cedar. Diameter 90mm Height 30mm.

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905 Screw Castor 0

905 Screw Castor

No.905  Screw plate furniture castor. Brass, Brown or White wheel.  4 sizes.

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2089 Collar for Square Legs 0

2089 Collar for Square Legs

No.2089   Brass decorative square castor rim for use with screw plate castors. Polished Brass finish. 3 sizes. Measurement is internal diameter.

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906 Cup Castor 0

906 Cup Castor

No.906  Solid brass round socket cup castors. Brass, White or Brown porcelain wheel. Polished Brass finish. 4 sizes. 

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