Drawer Pulls

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3000 Victorian Drawer Pull 0

3000 Victorian Drawer Pull

No.3000  Solid cast brass drawer pull handle. Victorian style. Antique Brass finish, 2 sizes.

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524 Antique Brass Drawer Handle 0

524 Antique Brass Drawer Handle

No.524  Antique Brass cast decorative drawer pull handle. Size 90mm x 35mm.


269 Victorian Drawer Pull Handle 0

269 Victorian Drawer Pull Handle

No.269  Brass Victorian style pressed bin pull handle. . Antique & Polished Brass, Antique Copper and Chrome finish. size 95mm x 38mm.

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279 Drawer Pull 0

279 Drawer Pull

Brass pressed pull handle. Sunburst pattern. Polished Brass finish. Size 95mm x 38mm.

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2942 SHELL Drawer Pull 0

2942 SHELL Drawer Pull

No.2942  Solid brass cast SHELL designed pull handle. Antique & Polished Brass finish.  Size100mm x 50mm.

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A10 Edwardian Cabinet Handle 0

A10 Edwardian Cabinet Handle

No.A10  Antique Brass decorative Edwardian style plate handle. Face fixing.   2 sizes.

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F2405 Door Cupboard Handle 0

F2405 Door Cupboard Handle

No.F2405  Decorative solid brass door handle. Antique Brass finish. Left and Right hand available. Size 165mm x 45mm

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F2406 Louis Handle 0

F2406 Louis Handle

No.F2406  Solid brass decorative Louis door pull. Available as left and right hand to suit double doors. Antique Brass finish, Size 100mm width..


3050 Pirate Brass Drawer Pull 0

3050 Pirate Brass Drawer Pull

No.3050  Pirate cast decorative drawer pull. Antique Brass finish for large fingers. Size 105mm x 40mm.

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244 Shell Handle 0

244 Shell Handle

No.244  Shell designed face fixing bin pull handle. Solid brass, in antique or polished brass finish. Size 100mm x 50mm.

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